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Will substitute your wording, logo, or images for wording, logos, images in samples below
In some cases, you can also choose other colors
The .mp4 format is the default, .gif format on request.
Videos can be combined
The .mp4 videos can with or without sound (.gifs have no sound).
Check out the Terms of Service and the How This Works pages to see what is allowed.
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When you find a video that you want to use, click on "buy now," and after paying, email whatever text and images go with the video to: videos @ websites.co.technology.
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Want one like this?
Science Fiction Styles
You provide: text (about 70 words or 500 characters)
Sample scrolling video
You provide: image on robot, ending text message
Robot Video
You provide: text (one line, about 25-50 characters)
Space video
You provide: ending image;
can choose slider colors, as well
Sample tech video
You provide: two lines of text, ending image; can choose text color
Sample Hydra animation
You provide: three lines of text
Cinematic title video
Videos for Books
You provide: text on ribbon, seal; can also choose background, ribbon, seal colors
Cookbook or restaurant video
You provide: book cover image
Sample book with coffee
You provide: brief text for 2 pages, book cover image
Turning pages sample
You provide: cover image, email, url
Sample book with email and url
You provide: cover image, can also choose background color
Sample page flip video
You provide: text between books, can also choose book, background colors
Sample topic books video
You provide: url, call to action, button text
Video to highlight a url
You provide: image, can choose cloth and background colors
Sample cloth reveal
You provide: image
Sample curtain reveal
You provide: wording on the left and right; can also choose text colors, candle,
frosting, tablecloth colors
Sample birthday video
You provide: message; can also choose text, heart, ribbon, particle, and background colors
Sample Valentine video
You provide: 3 lines of text, can also
choose card, lines, and text colors
Sample Thanksgiving video
Galleries/Slide Shows
You provide: 4 photos, logo, 3 each (main title, subtitle, 3 lines of text), 1 (main title, subtitle, domain name, social media, address); can also choose background and text colors
Sample sliding slide show
You provide: 6 images
Sample picture gallery
You provide: 4 photos, logo, 3 captions
Sample 4 photos plus logo
You provide: 4 photos, 4 captions;
can also choose room color, text color,
line colors
Abstract room photo gallery
You provide: logo and 3 photos; title and captions for each photo, contact information for last panel
Sample sliding photo captions
You provide: 6 images plus logo, 22 lines of text to go with photos; can also choose circle colors and text background colors
Sample with circle inserts
General Purpose Videos
You provide: 5 lines of text
Electronic billboard outro
You provide: 4 brief messages
Cinema style video
You provide: your logo, your email, your website url
Display your logo
You provide: one line of text;
can also choose text color
Sample Earth video
You provide: image plus 2 text messages
Fireworks style video
You provide: image
Sample sky signal
You provide: logo, 4 brief messages;
can also choose text, ball, ramp, and background colors
Sample chain reaction video
You provide: text, can also choose text, star, line, and background colors
Sample 5 star rating
You provide: logo, 4 messages; can also choose text and glow colors
Sample space text video
You provide: first and second text;
can choose background color, as well
Flipboard video
You provide: ending image;
can choose sphere highlight colors, as well
Sample Sphere Flower
You provide: 4 keywords & ending image;
can choose text and background colors, as well
Sample gradient keywords